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The Riley Conservation Club is a "Private Club for Members Only". The following rules apply to all members, guests and other persons visiting or using the Club. Club membership may be revoked, or membership renewal denied for failure to abide by these rules. All members must sign an acknowledgment of these rules in order to be a member.

GUESTS: A member may bring immediate family members (spouse and children living in their household) and / or two (2) nonmember guests while shooting on the range.

FISHING AND HIKING IN WOODS: Guests limited to immediate family members and one (1) nonmember guest.

HUNTING IN WOODS: NO nonmember guests except immediate family members. All guests MUST remain under the members' direct supervision at all times, and the member is responsible for their guest's actions and safety.


  1. Don't Litter! Always pick up and properly dispose of any trash you generate. Don't use trash, glass bottles or jars as targets on the range. Pick up all ammunition casings and live rounds. Dispose of all your trash in receptacles provided at the club.
  2. Leave Club Card on the dash of your vehicle when using the facilities.
  3. Do not block driveways or boat ramps.
  4. All ranges are closed when clubhouse is rented, except when specific permission is granted by the renter.


  1. All state rules, regulations and laws apply to the lakes and hunting grounds. Boat registration, fishing and hunting licenses, life jackets, size of catch on game fish, number of game taken, littering, etc. . .; NO permanent tree stands, screws or nails put into trees. A member must be in every boat on lakes.
  2. Camping is permitted ONLY with specific permission of the Club. A fee for camping may be charged.
  3. Fires are permitted in designated areas only. During dry periods, fires may be banned. Only dry, fallen timber should be used for fires. No cutting of timber allowed without specific permission.

Safety is the Primary Consideration when using firearms. The potential for a life threatening mishap through carelessness or recklessness is extreme and could jeopardize the existence of the Club. Courtesy to others and common sense, will help make the range a safer and more enjoyable experience to all.

  1. NEVER allow alcohol on the range!
  2. Before being allowed on the range, a person must demonstrate competency and understanding of safety rules with a firearm. Children and novice shooters must be closely supervised at all times by an experienced adult shooter. Firearms safety classes will be offered periodically.
  3. Always handle firearms as though loaded. Keep the muzzle of all firearms straight down range. Handling of loaded firearms behind the firing line is forbidden. When not shooting, firearms must 1) be unloaded, magazines removed (for semi-automatics) and action open OR 2) pistols unloaded and holstered with action closed OR 3) firearm unloaded and in a case. Empty chamber flags are recommended.
  4. NO handling of firearms when someone is down range, FOR ANY REASON. The muzzle of your firearm should never point at another person or any part of your own body (sweeping). Don't shoot behind, across or in front of anyone. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
  5. Use only approved targets. NO shooting at glass bottles, bricks, concrete blocks or other forms of trash. Take your used targets and target frames home with you for disposal. NO shooting at spinning targets with top spinners (hanging target spinners only).
  6. Targets MUST be placed with ten (10) feet of a backstop, and positioned so that rounds impact directly into the backstop. NO shooting at targets placed on top of the berms.
  7. NO shooting after dark (Sunset to Sunrise). Permission may be granted by written request in advance, which details the firearms, course of fire and target system to be used. Night shooting will be handled on a case by case basis. No blanket authorizations will be issued.
  8. NO fully automatic fire is allowed at any time, for any reason.
  9. When two (2) or more shooters are present, they must determine a common, designated firing line. The provisions of Rule 6 apply.
  10. Don't shoot high-powered firearms on the close (25 & 50 yd), small berms. The high-powered rounds dig large holes and destroy the berms. Use the larger (50 meter) and further berms, and move closer if necessary. The provisions of Rules 6 & 9 apply.
  11. The archery targets in the front yard are for bow and arrow shooting ONLY.�
  12. Rifles equipped with “slam fire or bump fire” stocks are not allowed on the range.
  13. Bay 1 & 4 are designated for rim fire and pistol fire calibers only (e.g., .22, .25, .30 pistol, .32, .357, .38., 40.,.44, .45, 9mm, 10mm, .464, .460, .480, .500)� Rifle calibers are NOT allowed to be shot in Bay #2.
All members MUST sign acknowledgment of these rules.

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