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Silhouette shooting is a marksmanship based shooting sport. Much like a giant version of shooting tin cans off a fence rail, the .22 rimfire knockdown targets are animal shaped steel cutouts at distances from 25 to 100 yards. This game is excellent for youngsters and new shooters to improve their shooting skills.

The format is 40 targets, with 10 targets at each of the 25, 50, 75, and 100 yard distances. Participants fire one shot at each of the 40 targets. Any rimfire rifle (.22 long rifle only, no magnums or 17 cal) is suitable. There is no need for high capacity magazines, many shooters use single shot guns.

Handgun shooters have been shooting this sport here at RCC since the late 1980’s, and follow the rules found at A video is available at that website as well.

Rifle shooters can play too. Youth and new shooters can use benches or sandbags to steady their guns, and shoot for fun.
Centerfire handgunners have additional targets available based on their firearm, with targets ranging in distance from 25 yards to 200 meters (220 yards). These are also steel knockdown targets. Rifle shooters are limited to calibers such as 22 Long Rifle,  .357, 300 Blackout, etc.

A round of 40 targets takes about 45 minutes to complete. Shooters can arrive anytime from 10am to 3pm and be able to shoot (first come, first served basis). First time shooters should allow 2 hours (total) for viewing, procedure info, sighting in, and then shoot for score.

2018 Dates: We shoot the 3rd Sunday each month April thru October except July. 
Shooting will start about 10 am and end about 5pm with teardown to immediately follow. Any help at setup (8:30am) & teardown is greatly appreciated.

Cost: $6-$8 depending on event ($5 for youth and new shooters)

Questions or info: Rich Hawkins 812-201-2285 cell,


Riley Conservation Club