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.22 Long Range Rifle
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The 22 Rimfire Long Range Rifle match simulates what a shooter might experience on a varmint hunt, but scaled down to use .22 rimfire rifle. Distance to targets ranges from 75-165 yards. This is an accuracy oriented event with an added challenge of timed fire. A .22 rimfire rifle capable of hitting the end of a pop can at 100 yards is competitive.

Course of fire is typically 40 rounds. Shooters will engage 5 targets at 3 different distances with a 2 1/2 minute time frame. After a second string of fire,shooters rotate within their squad to allow other shooters to fire on targets. This rotation encourages shooting partners to spot for each other, as well as allowing shooters to share the same rifle. Ideal for husband/wife or adult/youth pairs. We often have three 4H youth shooting and sharing the same rifle.

A Lewis class style of award payout is utililized based on the number of participants. Example: If we have 14 participants, we will have cash payouts to the 1st, 6th, and 10th place finishers. This allows middle & lower class shooters equal opportunity to win in ttheir skill level.

Contact Rich Hawkins 812-201-2285 for full details.


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