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Rimfire Madness is a fun, exciting and new shooting sport for the Riley Conservation Club. It is a combination of Steel Challenge and Speed Shotgun with magazine fed .22 rifles and pistols. No magnums.

Normally, it will consist of 5 stages. Anywhere from 25 to 50 targets per stage. Start position will be low ready. At the audible start signal, engage all the targets. There will be a 2 minute par time. Your score will be your time that it takes to neutralize all the targets. If all targets aren't neutralized within the 2 minute par time, your score will be 2 minutes and the number of targets neutralized for the purposes of tie breaking. For a target to be considered neutralized, it must either be knocked off the stand or spun to the point that the face is more than 45 degrees from the shooter. Bring plenty of ammo and magazines. You may have someone load your emptied magazines during the string, but it is recommended that you have enough to finish the course of fire.

$10.00 first gun
$5.00 each additional gun
Competitors under the age of 18 shoot free with a paying adult

7:30 A.M. as there are a lot of targets and all help will be greatly appreciated

9 - 9:45 A.M. registration
9:45 A.M. safety meeting
10 A.M. Start

Eye and ear protection are required. Gloves are recommended as you are required to help set the stage back up for other competitors. As with all the shooting sports, range bags, carts, water, sunscreen, umbrellas, etc. should be considered.

Additional info can be found here

For more information contact:
Gary Chaney can be contacted at 812-232-1883 or


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