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Bowling Pin Match is a Double Elimination event.  The event is a double elimination tournament that pits two shooters against each other with the goal of the first person to put 5 pins or pin heads on the ground.  We shoot off of a 4 x 8 foot table 24 feet from the shooters box. 

Center Fire pistol uses full size pins and the RimFire classes uses pin heads.  The shooters start at a low ready position.  Upon the start command the first shooter that places all 5 targets on the ground first wins.  Simple enough.

Center Fire Pistol:

Targets : Full Size Pins

Round Count: 3 magazines with 6 rounds each

RimFire Pistol:

Targets: Pin Heads

Round Count: 2 magazines with 9 rounds each

RimFire Rifle:

Targets:  Pin Heads

Round Count: 1 magazine with a maximum of 18 rounds


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